Business Cooperation

Why should We?


The professional team, focusing on tourism for 14 years and E-commerce for 10 years.


a pioneer O2O mode of China's cross-border tourism (Online to Offline: purchase online whilst consume offline and mainly aim at the individual travelers with high consumption ability).


collaborating with Chinese travel bureaus & organizations, business covering the whole China and client sources suppliers spreading over the core 20 tourist cities around the country.

Who are We?

Chuguoqu.com is a booking site serving for Chinese outbound individual tourists by offering global travel services on the basis of clients' characteristics & needs and performs online self-customized itinerary. Group was established in Aug 1998 and the site officially launched on in Jan 2013. Chuguoqu is committed to integrate the service resources of the global hot destination for Chinese self-guided tourists. We provide a comprehensive outbound travel platform to Chinese consumers, such as entertainment booking, gourmet food order, tour booking, shopping voucher, hotel reservation, flight booking, and some other tourist information, supported by Xiamen Boyou Travel Co., Ltd. and our common goal is to provide users responsible consumption experience and exploring journeys.

Website Data

It's estimated that there'll be more than 400,000 outbound registered users in 2014 in Chuguoqu. And daily web traffic will exceed 100,000, merchants outnumber 20,000 and products surpass 250,000.

Chuguoqu will invest more than five million dollars of promotion expenses in marketing and conduct online advertising in a sweeping way around the country which could be the most direct means of publicity to 83 million Chinese outbound travelers.

What can You Get?

  • 1. Improving the promotion efficiency in the Chinese market
  • 2. Improving the exposure rate and credibility
  • 3. Attracting high consumption travelers

Contact Information

Email: bd@chuguoqu.com

Leo Wu

Tel: 86 592 5353339

Email: leo.wu@chuguoqu.com

There's no money relationship between Chuguoqu and merchant.Deposit is Chuguoqu's profit and customer pays the contract rate to merchant directly.

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